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Hospice patients have unique needs, and ProCare HospiceCare understands those needs. We provide clients with a recommended hospice-specific Formulary. This document is the product of more than ten years of hospice clinical pharmacy experience, and it is peer-reviewed. ProCare HospiceCare collaborates with your clinical team to develop a customized, client-specific hospice Formulary. This list will incorporate medications commonly used in your hospice and the medications that meet your hospice philosophy.

Through the partnership implementation process, or what we call the Benefit Plan Design (BPD), together we specify customized medication management protocols based on the client's needs. High dollar limits on medications, days’ supply and/or quantity limits, and a prior authorization process are a few examples of the level of customization that is offered.

ProCare HospiceCare developed, designed, and maintains our wholly-owned claims processing system, and as such, offers clients unprecedented formulary customization. This differs from competitors, in that we never outsource your formulary or formulary management.

  • Disease based categories allow for individualized patient care without difficult to understand restrictions
  • Reviewed regularly by hospice experienced clinical pharmacists for the most current and up-to-date medication alternatives
  • Utilization guidelines that support clinical efficacy and cost savings

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