ProCarePrescribe, our e.Prescribing platform, allows hospice nurses to notify the doctor of prescription needs through a proprietary website.  Prescribers can easily write and send prescriptions to local or mail order pharmacies electronically.


With only three simple screens to navigate, our integrated platform is custom-built to make the entire process as easy as possible.  Nurses can request orders directly from their prescribers, who can write and send orders from their computer or smartphone.  Orders can be sent to any in-network pharmacy and begin processing in just minutes.


ProCarePrescribe benefits include:

  • Accessible anywhere with an internet connection for an unlimited number of users
  • Improves efficiency by eliminating phone tag or being tied to a fax machine
  • ProCare HospiceCare will review every EMR for possible integration options
  • Improved formulary compliance
  • Quicker and more reliable medication access, along with reduction in lost or incomplete prescription information
  • Email alerts notify prescribers when prescriptions are ready for approval
  • CMS state-mandated guidelines for CII-CIV are supported (Narcotics)
    • Electronic Prescribing Controlled Substances (EPCS)-certified
  • Safety checks are automated at point of entry, making it safer for your patients
  • Allows for full reporting capabilities to view metrics and verify any patients who have received a medication with ease
    • PDMP reporting at $0.00 charge
  • Proprietary electronic platform with full tech support


Our two-step authentication process provides the necessary security for controlled prescription delivery in accordance with state and federal law.

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