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ProCare HospiceCare offers a wide variety of business-centric reports that run for one or more of the following periods: daily, weekly, per financial cycle, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Reports are generated by ProCare HospiceCare or by the client for the following areas: members, benefit plans, pharmacies, physicians, medications/services, audits, drug utilization review (DUR), or customized in any way the client needs it. ProCare HospiceCare products include PDF formatted reports and/or exported data compatible with MS Excel.

ProCare HospiceCare provides our hospice clients with our Medication Cents™ Report, which contains an analysis of specific hospice utilization and cost data focused on top areas for clinical and fiscal improvement. The report analyzes overall utilization as well as utilization by therapeutic category. Included in each therapeutic category is a data set containing a combination of medication utilization from hospice peers for comparative purposes. This information is listed as a second bar on each section’s medication utilization page and as a table on each section’s plan pay % page.

Prescription data and patient demographic information may be accessed online in real-time via the Eligibility Portal ( The Eligibility Portal tool can be accessed by designated staff, enabling them to view and/or update member eligibility information, as well as view claims history, drug information, and pharmacy and physician information. There is no extra charge for the Eligibility Portal.

Cost containment for our hospice clients occurs daily, by patient, by medication order. This feature of our unique proprietary model of pharmaceutical care is our secret to mutual success for our company, and more importantly, for our hospice clients. These reports are available in Excel or PDF format.

On a monthly basis, we will also provide your organization with our calculated medication cost per patient per day, if you will provide us with your monthly number of patient days. Our PBM technology allows us to issue daily reports to the hospice to identify expensive medication utilization.


Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting

Compliance with Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) reporting is facilitated for all clients. You will find links to all the reference information and forms for the HIPAA and FDA requirements. You will also find a quick link to the FDA online reporting features.



A single, easy to use invoice, readily available online, reduces administration costs and frustration.

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